187 Mobstaz / Artists Profiles

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

187 Mobstaz / Artists Profiles

Born Gabriel Grajo, the CEO and founder of 187 MOBSTAZ ENTERTAINMENT. An emcee, technician, producer and the commander-in-chief.

A fierce lyricist and tactician. The head honcho. The commanding general of the hip hop fleet known to many as the 187 MOBSTAZ.

"as long as we happy on what we do, fuck the fame… as long as I do what I wanna do, as long as I say what I wanna say… there’s nothing anybody can do about it, that’s what democracy is for. Same goes for rap music."

Born Domingo De Guzman, gun runner, thug, emcee, lyricist and street poet. He thrives on transforming his street experiences to songs that captivate the ears of those who are living the same life that he has.

"when I do good things nobody hardly notices but when I do bad things all eyes are on me… so bring the heat and I bring the guns. Esse is my name, trouble is my game"

Born Darwin Ferineza, lyricist, composer, technician, producer, director and graphic artist. An emcee who has two sides in his repertoire, you can piss him off and he would beat you down the ground with a barrage of verbal attacks or you can be on the other end of his sweet serenades.

"silent but deadly…your either on my good side or my bad side…so choose well coz I aint gonna be too gentle when you cross the line"


Born Michael Castro, lyricist, battle emcee. One of the most heralded underground emcees in the game today. He has strong mass appeal without loosing an ounce of true hip hop.

"this is not a hobby, this my bread and butter…when I go to the office I bring my all to get that grind on"

Born Joren Machan, a lyricist with one of the fastest tongues whenever he blesses the microphone. Loves to ride on melodic patterns on the beats that he laces words on.

"change the game, no matter what it takes, I’ll take it one small step at a time until we make those giant leaps"

Born Alvin Cruz, emcee and hype man. And overall henchman…

"hip hop is in my blood, it’s the nutrient that keeps me alive…the culture that I grew up in would be the same until the casket drops"

Born Charlemagne Ilagan, lyricist, emcee, musician, singer, tattoo artist. Gave life to a lot of hooks for 187 mobsta hits.

"music is my life, the air that I breathe, and no one can’t take it away from me"

Born Ronald Manabat, lyricist, emcee, producer, director, entrepreneur. Seasoned rap veteran. Been in the game for more than a decade. One half of the duo lyrical assault.

"life is full of surprises…gotta be ready for anything that comes your way. Expect the best but be ready for the worst"

Born Antonio Camagong Jr, lyricist, emcee, arranger, composer, spokesman. Diversely multi faceted hip hop repertoire. Spokesperson for the mob. A seasoned rap veteran for more than a decade. One half of the duo lyrical assault.

"I've been rockin the mic since you were in your diapers, I be one of the illest emcees you never heard of"

Born Armando Matitu, lyricist, emcee, entrepreneur. Master on retaliation that he channels thru Heavy lyrical display. Cross the line and it’s your funeral.

"my heart pumps hip hop through my veins and all through my body. I bleed hip hop"