Lyrical Assault - From the Ashes

Posted by Oliver Santos at 7:14 PM

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lyrical Assault is back with fresh tracks and surefire songs. I would say their new album titled “From the Ashes” is like a comeback album. Their intro song “Humanda na” is a very good introductory song for an album. Personally, when I first heard the first track which is “Humanda Na”, I feel like being blown away with their strong message and wanting to listen to their entire album. Also, the nice bouncy song “Groovin’” and another bouncy song “Sumabay” plus a rapid rhymin’ all-star track including the 187 Mobstaz are all good. Some of my fave tracks in this album are: Humanda na, Kawal ng Kalye, Lupang Tinubuan, Pagkakaisa, Salamin, Groovin’, Sumabay and Mobbin’.

I would say that Lyrical Assault’s new album never fails to impress me. If you’re still thinking if you’ll buy this album or not, I would recommend you to buy it.
It has 2 bonus track on the first 100 copy which is a more personal track titled “Lowdown” and “Toney Chrome”.

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Album Details
Album Title: From the Ashes
Artist: Lyrical Assault
Produced by: Lyrical Assault
Executive Producer: Gab
Label: 187 Mobstaz Entertainment

Track Listing:

  1. Humanda na (listen)
  2. My World (feat. Just Hush)
  3. Pagkakaisa*
  4. Holla
  5. Groovin’
  6. Salamin** (feat. 2Tay & Screw)
  7. Sumabay (feat. Third Floor Man)
  8. Lupang Tinubuan*** (feat. Gods Will, Mike Kosa, Inozent One, JSkeelz & Mista Blaze)
  9. I got you*** feat. Just Hush & JRuss
  10. Why You Hatin’ (Feat. North Ave. [J.O.L.O. Cali, Mary])
  11. Kawal ng Kalye (Feat. Mike Kosa & Enzayne One) (listen)
  12. Tara**** (feat. Gobas & Gloc-9)
  13. Mobbin’ ***** (Feat. 187 Mobstaz All-Stars) (listen)

Bonus tracks: Toney Chrome (by Toney Chrome) & Lowdown (by Lowdown)

*Produced by: B-Roc
**Produced by: Pikaso
***Produced by: Konfuzed
****Produced by: The Beatmonx
*****Produced by: Just Hush

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Also, watch out for the 187 Mobstaz website (, comin' very soon...

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