Badang - 2nd Album Launching

Posted by Oliver Santos at 9:35 PM

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

BADANG of Kamandag ng Marikina

Launching of 2nd Album

July 11, 2008
Live @ Cribs Bar, Nevada Square, Baguio City

Plus Radio Tour: Campus Radio, iFM, Yes FM 101.1

featuring the hit singles:
Tawid Dagat, TV, Filipino Ka Ba?, Luluha Ka Rin, Drama ng Buhay Ko, Byahe

Special Guest:
Slick & Sly Kane, Dating Longhair a.k.a. Enzayne One, 3rd Floor Man, Dynamik Duo, One Mic, J-Russ, Polo.One of Tuesday Troops & 187 Mobstaz.